The Conservatory

Celebrate under a gorgeous sunset or the twinkling night sky in the latest addition to The Gardens at Madeley Manor, acquired from The Gardens of River Oaks.

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Our mission is to
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How to have a successful event

The following are just a few of the considerations we discuss with clients when visiting The Gardens at Madeley Manor. We hope they will be useful to you as you plan your event. There is no question that attention to detail will lead to a successful event and pleasantly pleased clients. Let us know how we can contribute in making your event absolutely impeccable.

Communication is key

Speak openly with your venue representative regarding any desires or concerns you have. The more details you can provide, the better.

What kind of event are you holding?

Have a general vision for your event and decide if it is feasible, especially considering your venue’s location and policies. Familiarize yourself with your venue’s policies and be clear on what is allowed and what limitations may exist.

What is your budget?

One of the most important things to contemplate. Now that you have a vision for your event, it is time to decide how you can achieve it within the budget you have set.

What time and day is the event?

Determine if these are flexible or non-negotiable and check with your venue about availability.

How many people will be attending?

Confirm that your venue can accommodate the number of people you plan on being present. Note that a guest count encompasses all people attending the event including any host(s), guest of honor, sponsor, etc.

What is the event style?

Determine if the event will be formal, informal, a business meeting, etc.

What type of event do you prefer?

Will this be a Breakfast, Brunch, Cocktail Party, Luncheon or Dinner?

What kind of decor do you have in mind?

Confirm what you desire is suitable and within the limits of your venue’s policies.

Will you require special equipment?

(e.g. A/V equipment, display stands, margarita machine) Know in advance if your venue will be able to provide these items, or if you will need to supply.

Will you have any type of entertainment?

If so, what will they require? Discuss this topic with your venue representative as they will be able to offer input and advise if any special arrangements need to be made.

Do you plan to incorporate any cultural moments or displays during your event?

Communicate this with your venue representative in case any special arrangements are needed.

Are there any dietary requirements to keep in mind for you or your guests?

This could affect your final menu selections

Do you plan on having alcohol served?

If so, know your venue’s policies regarding alcohol in addition to how much you want to provide for your guests. If alcohol is provided by the client, who will be responsible for taking any remaining, unopened alcohol home?

Who will be responsible for taking any gifts recevied?

Who will be responsible for taking personal decorations/ party items?

Will there be a special departure?

This is a special note for brides and grooms. Consider your send-off and if it will require anything special (e.g. bubbles or petals to be thrown as you depart).

What vehicle will be used for departure?

Another note for brides and grooms. Determine if a specific vehicle is desired or needs to be rented. Have them connect with your venue representative to coordinate details for your departure.

Do you have a hotel booked?

Brides and grooms, have you booked a hotel room for after your wedding? Make sure you have a special place to go for a perfect ending to your exceptional day.

Be mindful of time.

Once you have planned your event, make sure to abide by the agreed time set with your venue. It is possible there may be another event after yours, especially if your event is during the day. Every client is entitled to the prompt rental of a venue and consideration as well as cooperation of all parties will be respectful and prevent slighting any other client’s experience.