Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Seating

The Grounds

Enter our gates, and your world will be transformed. As you approach the dramatic circular drive, this lush and idyllic haven will make you forget that you are anywhere near a city. The grounds are surrounded by verdant evergreens and shaded by majestic, 100 year-old oaks. Original garden fountains create a peaceful atmosphere as their bubbling waters provide a melodic background for conversation and laughter.

The Gazebo

Exchanging vows in our gazebo brings the beauty of nature to your ceremony. Situated between two magnificent oak trees, its simplicity is adorned by the iridescence of a sparkling, white, crystal chandelier.

Gazebo at Madeley Manor
Inside Chapel at Madeley Manor

The Chapel

The careful restoration of our captivating chapel is complete. This intimate space easily hosts wedding ceremonies as well as smaller gatherings or meetings. A lovely glow is cast by an antique chandelier.

The Manor

Though built in 1936, Madeley Manor maintains its original footprint and floorplan. Great care was given to a recent restoration, preserving the home’s captivating charm and beauty. An impressive facade with statuesque Corinthian columns welcomes guests with grandeur. Once they step through the entrance, they'll experience an inviting interior illuminated by French windows on either side of the main doorway. Natural light washes over every elegant detail for an airy feel.

Exterior of Madeley Manor
Madeley Manor

The First Floor

The Foyer

Woman spinning in her wedding dress at the bottom of the staircase.

Once past the threshold, guests are welcomed warmly in our foyer, which offers a stunning view of our winding staircase, and is flanked by our living room and dining room.

The Living Room

Tables set in the living room of Madeley Manor for a luncheon

The spacious Living Room and its exquisite crystal chandeliers cover the expanse of the house, making it an ideal location for gatherings of up to 60 guests.

A fireplace provides a focal point for the room as well as a picturesque setting for displaying a wedding cake or other confections.

The Sun Room

Group of men in the Gentleman's Quarters at a wedding

Just beyond the Living Room is the original Sun Room, which also encompasses a fireplace, directly behind the one found in the Living Room.

Knotted white pine paneled walls are original to the home and give this room a very rustic, masculine feel. Many gentleman enjoy spending time in this room and it is aptly used as a Gentleman's Quarters for weddings.

The Dining Room

Table set in the dining room for an event at Madeley Manor

The Dining Room is located across from the Living Room on the opposite side of the foyer.

Many local dignitaries, the Board of Stewards and even the 1930’s movie star, Edgar Bergan and his alter ego, Charlie McCarthy were entertained here. Today, this is where guests enjoy our buffet dining service.

The Second Wing

Bride sitting down in the Bridal Suite

Recessed to the right of the Dining Room, you will find the second wing of the home.

The spacious area was once used as an informal sitting room by the Madeley family. Now, it is often utilized as a Bridal Suite.

Madeley Manor

The Second Floor

The Bedrooms

Individual Themed salon for small social gatherings

Ascend the circular stairs from the foyer and you will reach the second floor hallway. This area provides access to four rooms formerly used as bedrooms. Each has been converted into an individual salon for small social gatherings.

Antique tea ware is resourced exclusively from Patsy’s Vintage Tableware and displayed in each of the uniquely themed rooms.

The Balcony

Front view of Madeley Manor with view of the second floor balcony

Beyond the hallway’s double French doors is a small sitting area, which gives access to the balcony above the entrance to the home. From there, one can also enter the third floor.

Madeley Manor

The Third Floor

The Roof

Individual Themed salon for small social gatherings

The Madeley's built this space to accommodate social gatherings for young people.

Friends and longtime acquaintances share stories about dancing to an old Wurlitzer Record Player with its automatic record changer and enjoying the brightness of the stars and moon at night through the dormer windows.


Front view of Madeley Manor with view of the second floor balcony

Today, the third floor houses a collection of memorabilia from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Guests are even welcome to play a tune on the antique juke box.