Black and White photo of Daniel and Ruth Madeley
t all began with a young married couple.
Illustration of Madeley Manor

The Manor's Rich History

The Gardens at Madeley Manor is rich in history and rooted in good fortune. It all began with a young married couple both from early pioneer families of Montgomery County, Texas that emigrated from England. Daniel Madeley was a local cattleman specializing in production and marketing and his lovely wife, Ruth Madeley was mother to four young children.

he loved to entertain.
A table set with tableware and stemware

A Stroke of Good Fortune

While Mrs. Madeley happily attended to her family, she made a rather forward decision for her time period. She decided to complete her education and pursue a teaching career at Sam Houston State Teacher’s College, now known as Sam Houston State University. In the midst of her studies, she was given a project to design and build a home. This assignment ended up being more than just a grade for Mrs. Madeley, it inspired the beautiful home that is now nestled in The Gardens at Madeley Manor.

As time passed, oil exploration founded the Conroe Oil Field in the early 1930’s. Mr. Madeley and his brother jointly owned over 800 acres of land located right in the center of the field. As luck would have it, a blow-out well ignited in flames resulting in a generous cash settlement and provided the capital needed to bring Mrs. Madeley’s dream to life.

The Dream Comes to Life

Soon after, the illustrious Mr. Blum E. Hester was retained as the Madeley’s architect and advisor. This famous gentleman firmly adhered to the classic architectural form and style of many prominent homes in the River Oaks area of Houston, Texas and insisted on authenticity in every detail.

Faithful to her vision, Mrs. Madeley worked closely with the aficionado for nearly a year, reassessing and refining plans. The painstaking process eventually culminated in a grand sight: When completed, the elegant, southern colonial-style home featured a colonnade of Corinthian columns, stretching a full 53 feet across the front of the main block of the home.

After concluding his work on Madeley Manor, Mr. Hester went on to create other prominent homes as well as the now-historic Crighton Theatre.

Collonade in front of Madeley Manor
Front of Madeley Manor

Elegant and Refined Entertaining

The ever-gracious Madeley’s and their manor became an epicenter of sophistication for miles around. With a gift for entertaining, Mrs. Madeley hosted receptions honoring state and local dignitaries, music recitals, afternoon teas, family gatherings, holiday parties, and of course, weddings.

To this day, family members and long-time friends reminisce of the days the Madeley’s two daughters, fashioned in silks and lace, descended the circular staircase on their father’s arm for their respective weddings.


A Time Honored Treasure

How ironic that years later, another delightful woman would be compelled to turn this charming location into a one-of-a kind event venue. Teamed with her husband, they hosted many special occasions and later passed the reigns to a lovely lady with a passion for delighting clients. Together with her family, they made countless reveries a reality.

The legacy continues with a new generation of caretakers who honor the robust heritage of The Gardens at Madeley Manor and uphold it as a place where special memories are made for years to come. Walk the halls, the gardens or the grounds and experience the beauty and elegance this setting can provide for any occasion.